Northern delight: Miss Li

Another example of a husky Scandinavian fille, Miss Li. A guestpost by our Northern correspondent Anna Maria:

Linda Carlsson, aka Miss Li is a hyperactive ray of sunshine. She released three albums in the space of one year, and conquered many Scandinavian hearts with her mix of pop, cabaret and jazz. She’s probably best experienced live, but her albums go some way of capturing that restless energy. Her latest album is called Dancing the whole way home. She’s not sung in French yet alas, but we can hope. This song is a catty delight about stealing your best friend’s guy. See a(nother) song here.

Miss Li – I’m sorry, he’s mine

Northern delight: Fredrika Stahl

Scandinavian girls. In the past several Northern gals were featured on this blog (like Moa Eriksson, Friday Bridge, Anna Ternheim) only because they sang in French. But recenlty I fell in love by singers like Anna Jarvinen, Anna Puu and Veronica Maggio, who sing in Swedish or Finnish, and there are a whole bunch of blonde beauties from the Northern parts of Europe who sing in English too. Help and tips are always welcome.

Fredrika Stahl is Swedish, but studied in France for several years and is a big name in the Hexagone. Her new jazz-pop album Sweep Me Away is just out and for the first time, it doesn’t include a French tune. Alas, because gorgeous Fredrika has a wonderful voice (a bit like Stacey Kent) and sings very seductively in French. From her first album I’m posting the Barbara-like Pourqoui pas moi. See the video for her new single here.

Fredrika Stahl – Pourqoui pas moi