A Fille Named Tomcat

That girl obviously has the same idiosyncratic hairdresser as my cousin in Sachsen-Anhalt. After running away to Ibiza at age 15 to romance mythic schlock producer Michel Cretu – sadly to no avail -, Anett Ecklebe a.k.a. Toni Kater (Tomcat in German) had some minor hits in Germany before taking a sabbatical for almost six years. Her brand new album Sie fiel vom Himmel – She Fell From the Sky – features the same voice that is still irresistibly thin and girlish, telling a few more stories from the boudoir of a young woman turning 35 soon. Highlight of the album is the French language track América, a duet with producer Rudolf Moser, also drummer of noise entrepreneurs Einstürzende Neubauten – an amiable one, sounding like Benjamin dreaming of Chiara with Emmanuelle’s hand in his lap.

Toni Kater – América