imagesThe other big release this week, together with Albin de la Simone’s album, is Keren Rose Melouls third offering. Et Puis Juin is Rose’s follow-up since 2009’s Les souvenirs sous ma frange. It’s exactly what you expect it to be, breezy, soft-sighing, plonky songs sung with an airy voice, just the way you like it. Berry is the best reference. Rose adds a very nice song about Paris to a long list of songs bout the City of Light. It sounds a bit like a track Gainsbourg could’ve written for Isabelle Adjani, with less provocative lyrics. See the video for the title track here.

Rose – Jamais Paris ne me laisse


Keren Meloul, who looks like an Oriental half-sister of Carla Bruni, took her stage name from the 1979 movie The Rose, based on the tragic life of Janis Joplin. Unlike Janis, or Bette Midler who plays The Rose, Keren has a soft, hoarse voice that channels early spring, meadows with glistening dewdrops. But there’s a melancholy undertone, like you see the autumn leaves already between the blossomming trees. She made two albums, a third one’s about to be released and Et Puis Juin is the first single. Spring colours and autumn leaves all rolled in to one. See a live clip here.

Rose – Et puis juin

Gainsbourg en Israel

Several French and Israeli artist paid hommage to Serge on July 28 with a concert in Tel Aviv, with Serge’s son Lulu behind the piano and FS-faves like Rose and Alizee singing (and a gorgeous singer called Shirel, whom I never heard of). Check out a highlights-trailer below. Fan-made video of Alizee’s visit to the promised land here, AFP-reportage about the concert here. (Merci Christophe)