No Strings Attached

„G-strings are not required in Quebec“, Margaret Dragu and A.S.A. Harrison write in their knowledgeable Revelations: Essays on Striptease and Sexuality. „In 1979 over a hundred strippers were charged with nudity for removing their G-strings, but the attorney general did not sign the orders.“ Among those exotic dancers well may have been Montreal’s one and only Rina Berti, „the singing stripper who is still talked about in Miami Beach and farther“, though her website doesn’t reveal any information about her former avocation. Sadly, the website also doesn’t tell about her musical outings, among them the French-Canadian cover of the Bee Gees’ 1977 club smasher Stayin’ Alive and a red-hot menopausal disco version of Light My Fire, both proving all-too-well that there are few differences between pop and burlesque shows, surely related art forms traditionally announced in the same mode: Bonsoir tout le monde, ce soir chez FS je vous veux presenter la belle Rina!

Rina Berti – Viens dans mes rêves
Rina Berti – Light My Fire