Renske Taminiau

Dutch doll Renske Taminiau surprised the world a few years back by a) deciding that she didn’t want to be a doctor and b) making a wonderful debut album. Waiting to be told was the equivalent of drinking tea from a porcelain cup, sitting on a plush chair in a cosy, almost prissy room with lots of pink flowers. Music-wise, she related to Kurt Elling and Feist. Renske sings like she’s just been skinny dipping in cristal clear water – and she still sounds like that on her new album Move Me. On which she sings in French. A melancholic ode to Paris, with help from accordion and strings. I’d love to walk through Montparnasse with this on repeat on my iPod.

Here are two versions of ‘Paris’, the second one she recorded earlier and is a demo-version. No accordion, but still very beautiful.

Renske Taminiau – Paris
Renske Taminiau – Paris (demo version)

See videos of Renkse here, and here.

(picture by RVDA)