Sophie Beaudet

Guestpost! David on Canadian (yes, ANOTHER gorgeous Canadian) Sophie:

Judging from the cover of Sophie Beaudet’s first CD, Garconne, Sophie’s clearly a fille fragile. Unconvinced? Then give the first song “À quoi tu penses?” a listen. Sophie’s from an artistic family and grew up listening to a wide variety of music, including classical and jazz. While in her early twenties, Sophie met famed Canadian jazz singer Ranee Lee, who agreed to teach Sophie the basics of jazz. While personally I like jazz, I am glad it didn’t take over the entire CD, as the music hews more closely to folk rock. The jazz overtones provide additional color, and are especially strong in “Dans les bras de Léa”. Other favorites songs from this CD are “Tu n’es pas à moi” and “Où vont-ils?”. See her perform live here.

Sophie Beaudet – A quoi tu penses?