Misty Lights

On their previous albums, French string quartet Quatuor Ebène interpreted works by Brahms, Haydn, Debussy, or Fauré. On their new one, they explore their favorite pop stuff like The Beatles’ Come Together, the surf classic Misirlou or Jobim’s Corcovado – a technically brilliant, at times too brainy record which takes ensemble music to quite boring places like Uncle Neil’s Streets of Philadelphia which don’t get hotter if you view them through virtuosos’ glasses. Among the four guest vocalists is French actress Fanny Ardant, doing a calmly intense and intriguing version of James Shelton’s too-seldom covered 1950 classic Lilac Wine. A perfect song for the early hours of New Year’s Day.

Fanny Ardant – Lilac Wine

Vincent Delerm – Fanny Ardant et moi