Fanny Bloom

Our favorite kooky Quebecoise just released an EP with music she composed for a ‘pièce de théatre’ called Constellations. Read more here. The title track is the only real song:

Best of the Best 2014 (part 3): Salomé Leclerc

I love the way she pronounces her own name (watch), Salomé Leclaaaarrr. I love the way her sweet singing voice cuts through the darkness and heaviness of her music, as a much needed torchlight in a pitch black forest. I love how she channels Joy Division, Timber Timbre and even Kraftwerk in her songs – I suppose this is what they all would make if they were stuck in an elevator with Salomé. I love 27 fois l’aurore, the sophomore album by the Canadian songstress. I even bought the vinyl version. As one friend, who’s also a record store owner, once said: these days, vinyl albums are works of art. 27 fois l’aurore is my most treasured possesion of this year.

Dia de los muertos (end)

Last of the posts in honour of the day of the dead/All Souls Day. Thanks to all who contributed. I wanted to add Barbara’s bone-chilling Nantes, I think there’s nothing more devastating then to go visit your father for the last time, only to find out that he’s already buried. Instead, I want to end on a more upbeat note. Thomas Fersen, he who sings like he just got out of bed remembering the beautiful words he wrote last night, sang the very witty Monsieur on his Qu4tre album. It’s sung from the viewpoint of a major domo, who helps his perculiar master in his murderous spree. Serial killing never sounded so funny. But behold – there’s no happy end.

Thomas Fersen – Monsieur