Bubbling under: Salomé Leclerc

There were some pretty cool debuts last year like Lafille, ZAZ and Brune to just mention some. Others filles like Élodie Frégé, Cécile Hercule or Babet ‘simply’ consolidated their position as certified filles fragile. Let’s just hope that next year will bring us at least the same high quality in French music as this last year did.
One release with high expectations that is already announced by herself for 2011, is the debut from yet another darkhaired beauty, 23 years old from Canada: Salomé Leclerc.
Unlike others who prefer the intimacy of a studio, Salomé played a lot of festivals (among which FrancoFolies) and clubs the past few years to discover her own style just by playing her songs over and over again for live audiences.
Together with her music director Philippe B., former frontman for Gwenwed and guitarist for Pierre Lapointe, she is now working on her debut. In this interview she isn’t sure yet of the direction in which her debut will move, but according to her MySpace and YouTube, we may expect quite some exciting and sultry moments of joy. Think Marie Daguerre, think Cat Power, think Geneviève Toupin, think Salomé. Don’t let us wait too long!

Happy New Year Y’all!

Salomé Leclerc @ MySpace
Salomé Leclerc @ YouTube

(ps: even more exciting releases next year? Let us know in the comments!)