boomMafia Douce by French band Pendentif is the album I’ve been playing the most this summer. It’s released on September 24, which seems an odd date for a summer fresh album that this is, but then agan it is also excellent material for reminiscing about great summer days. Recent and from the past. Pendentif hail from Bordeaux, they were featured here before. ‘American beaches and chilly English winds’ are their main influences. So are Lio, Pavement and films by Jacques Rozier. The combination of Cindy Callède’s husky voice and the clear guitaristic needlework is highly charming. Jerricane (see video) is one of my favourite tracks, oh la la la.

Pendentif – Jerricane

Pendentif, Moziimo

Pendentif is a quartet from Bordeaux, who invited Cindy Callede on their first single, Riviera. That song’s also on their debut-EP, released in May. Their stylo is sunny, inna Californian stylee, with strong guitar-melodies and early 80’s synths. Comparisons with Phoenix, The Shoes and The Bewitched Hands are understandable. I’m posting Riviera here, but Cindy also sings on the wonderfully titles God saves La France.

Moziimo‘s (‘avec un Z comme Zorro and deux I comme zizi’) real name is Mélodie Orru, and like Pendentif she likes to add synths and 80s references to her music. Hippie chic, music mag Serge called her. You’ll get the picture when you see, er, these pictures. She just released an EP with songs that refer to Camille (the minimal approach) and Jeanne Cherhal (in the more upbeat tracks, like ‘Je voudrais etre une fleuve‘. On ‘Viens dans mon chateau’, Arthur H is a duo-partner. The single Sour & Gold is in English.

Pendentif – Riviera
Moziimo & Arthur H – Viens dans mon chateau