New Peau video

Perrine Faillet, aka Peau, has electrofied herself on her second album. Could you, at best, sway to songs on Première Mue, this time she was inspired by James Blake, Tune-Yards and Fever Ray. So dance, dance, dance! Her sensual, husky voice fits beautifully.

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Remember when we lamented the fall of Emilie Simon, who steered away from delicate electronica to explore how much she could resemble Kate Bush? Rejoice, for a new girl steps up to the plate. Perrine Faillet, who goes by the name of Peau, has made an album that is so exquise, you’d want to wrap it in red velvet and have it insured for an insane amount of money. Yes, there are songs in English but she has such a charming accent you’d never know it. She plays the wurlitzer and guitars herself, Daniel Barlotti is there for the machinery. See her perform here. No, I don’t know what the deal is with the white make-up.

Peau – Sensuelle
Peau – Guerre longue