It was 20 years ago this year, that Serge passed away. There’s always a reason to celebrate his legacy, but this year we’re doing this with the release of the Dutch translation of Sylvie Simmons’ excellent SG-bio (on Feb 10, Maison Descartes Amsterdam), and with no more then three Soirée’s. On March 2 (appropriatly) in Bitterzoet Amsterdam, on March 5 in Ruimte X Tilburg (I won’t be there) and on March 12, as you can see, during the original Soirée in Petrol Antwerp. Serge van Duijnhoven (poet, writer, phenomenon, Gainsbourg-fanatic) will be there, singer-songwriter Rick Treffers, a food performer, a jazz pianist, a Flemish conferencier, and me. And in Antwerp of course the indispensable Louis Katorz and Pierre Elitair.
Oh, and on Feb 12 I’m partying like it’s my birthday (which it is) in De Nieuwe Anita Amsterdam, together with this gal.