Bourgeois vs Bashung

French filles singing songs about girls, to empower women. That’s what Paroles de Femmes is all about, the album featuring Claire Keim, Natasha St Pier, Shy’m and Amel Bent was released on March 8. International Women’s Day, of course. The songs are covers by Brel, Obispo, Becaud and Christophe. Hate to say this, especially with championed girls like Claire Keim and Nolwenn Leroy on board, but most covers are a bit dull. One that stands out in a good way is Amandine Bourgeois’ version of Bashungs slide-fest Osez Jospehine. Amandine (pictured) chose to  leave the slide-guitar out, very brave. To compare, a live version by the grand master himself (RIP), who adds a little Dylan.

Amandine Bourgeois – Osez Josephine
Bashung – Osez Josephine (live)