Parfait Eté 2012

The third edition of my compilation for the route to the sun. French tracks, or songs in French by Canadians, or English songs by French bands, it’s all HERE (download where it says ‘HIERRR de download’ or go to Spotify).
Cover was made by Wilbert Leering.

Parfait Été (part deux)

A new summer, a new compilation, a new violation against the vocabulaire (yes, it’s L’été parfait, I know, but this is part of the Perfect …-series, so there). French tunes, by French artists, by a Canadian rockband, by a Flemish girl, by a singer with roots in Cameroon and Algeria backed up by a Brit soul singer – all pretty recent, very versatile indeed. Grab the zip HERE (where it says ‘hier de download’) or try on Spotify HERE.

Artwork as always by the brilliant Wilbert ‘Mr Perfect’ Leering.