10 Sexiest Women in French Music Today (7)

They are sexy and they know it. We continue our list of Sexiest Women in French Music Today with ‘Lewis Carroll’s wet dream’.

7. Alizée Bingöllu

She’s darling ultra, and she knows it. Alizée Bingöllu likes to invent herself as a cross between a wanton antiques collector and a baby pop nymph from Lewis Carroll’s wet dreams diary: Tweedledum and Tweedledee certainly never were as innocent as they seemed to be, and the same goes for Alizée and the Victorian era hokum of her band Ödland, actually a highly curious futureworld postmodernism consistently playing doctor with lovers of French music, Alizée being the nurse inserting a whole lot of strange things in those sensitive orifices. They’re called ears, of course. Her année erotique is the same as Jane B’s, only a hundred years earlier – the one of Lolita 1869.

Ödland – Les Dieux Sont Partis

Ödland – Cecidomyiidae

Nicely done video for the brand new 7″ by FS favorites Ödland. Face A, Cecidomyiidae, is a stoned-out Cheshire Cat’s grin of a song, face B, La floraison des bambous, an odd mix of chanson, chamber music, and babypop. I love this stuff, but cannot shake off the feel that it’s more of the same. 200 signed and numbered copies which can be ordered via the band’s website.