Remember Soko? The French actress/singer who gained popped up in 2007 as “one of those artists  gaining popularity through the internet?” Her “I Kill Her” even became a hit in Belgium and Denmark. You know, The Soko who sang in English with a very heavy French Accent (“Ai Kiell Uhr”), that some people love?  But the success as a singer didn’t last. Only an EP was released (“Not Sokute”) and in January 2009 she used her Myspace site that made her popular to declare herself “dead”. She dissapeared from the music scene, disappointed with “the music industry”..

Last year there was a sign of a comeback when she participated in the newest Nouvelle Vague project en now she is back. Or at least we hope she is. She finished her album but it will be only released in February next year, because she has a film career too that is asking her attention.
But what is known so far is wonderful. First there was this “official” video of “No More Home, No More Love”, with gives us a glimpse of the Soko we knew. Now there is a new song included in the French magazine “Les Inrockuptibles” and it is very nice. The accent is still there but the sound is different. Think sixties, girl groups  and add some electronica.  Her new album will be something to look forward too.

Soko – Just Want To Make It New With You

Nouvelle Vague

Couleurs sur Paris, the new Nouvelle Vague album is out now in France and Belgium (should be out in Europe and overseas next week, god willin’), and it’s a beauty! I haven’t been that enthusiastic in the past about NV, because the concept stopped working after the second album. For me. But this time, Marc and the girls (and a few guys) really really outdid themselves. French new wave hits from the 80s worked over by the creme de la creme of les filles fragiles of today, why didn’t I think of that?! I’m sooo happy that Coeur de Pirate, Jeanne Cherhal, Olivia Ruiz and of course our guardian angel Coralie Clément are on board. CC’s version of Taxi Girl‘s Je suis déjà partie (video) is amazing.
I’ve posted about the 4th NV-album before. See tracklist here. Here you can find a zip with all the original versions.
Nouvelle Vague feat. Coralie Clément – Je suis déjà partie

Nouvelle Vague + Adrienne Pauly

The upcoming album from Nouvelle Vague promises to be brilliant, Marc, Olivier et les filles take on French 80s hits. The tracklist was published here before, now it’s time for the first single. Adrienne Pauly, she of the provocative hit Je veux un mec, sexes up Les Rita Mitsouko’s indestructible Marcia Baila. A song that was covered many times, not always in the right way. Even craterface Ricky Martin recorded a version, that’s not as bad as one would expect. See a French interview with Marc Collin and Adrienne about the new Nouvelle Vague project here.

Nouvelle Vague feat. Adrienne Pauly – Marcia Baila
Les Rita Mitsouko – Marcia Baila
Maria Gasolina – Marcia Baila
RIcky Martin – Marcia Baila
Olivia Ruiz – Marcia Baila

Nouvelle Vague – The Originals

You saw the tracklist of the upcoming Nouvelle Vague-cd. But, like me, you don’t know all the songs Marc and his merry band of filles have covered. So FransS (the guy without whom this blog wouldn’t be as good as it is) looked in every nook ‘n cranny of the interwebs and zipped up the tracks by TC Matic, Etienne Daho, Mano Negra, Marie France, Lio, et al. Download that zip from HERE (hotfile)

Tracklist new Nouvelle Vague cd

Feast your eyes on this. Out in November.

1. Voilà les anges (orig. Gamine) – Coeur de Pirate
2. Week-end à Rome (orig. Etienne Daho) – Vanessa Paradis feat. Etienne Daho
3. Amoureux solitaires (orig. Lio) – Hugh Coltman
4. Anne cherchait l’amour (orig. Elli & Jacno) – Julien Doré
5. Je suis déjà partie (orig. Taxi Girl) – Coralie Clément
6. L’aventurier (orig. Indochine) – Helena Noguerra
7. Les ailes de verre (orig. Marc Seberg) – Jeanne Cherhal
8. Mala Vida (orig. Mano Negra) – Olivia Ruiz
9. Déréglée (orig. Marie France) – Mélanie Pain
10. Ophélie (orig. Jad Wio) – Yelle
11. Oublions l’Amérique (orig. Wunderbach) – Nadeah Miranda
12. Putain Putain (orig. TC Matic) –  Camille
13. Sandy Sandy (orig. Les Dogs) – Soko
14. So young but so cold (orig. Kas Product) – Charlie Winston
15. Sur ma mob (orig. Lili Drop) – Mareva Galanter
16. Marcia Baila (orig. Rita Mitsouko) – Adrienne Pauly
17 . Où veux-tu que j’regarde (orig. Noir Désir)- Emilie Loizeau
18. Two people in a room (orig. Stephan Eicher) – Cocoon