Coeur de Pirate (some more)

Dear Béatrice not only made a great second album, she’s spoiling the fans with extra tracks and collaborations. Out since today is her version of White Christmas (in French) as a guestvocalist of Michel Legrands Christmas-album. Sweeping! By the way, if you like heavily tattood, husky singing Canadian females, head over to Christmas-a-gogo and pick up a fuzzy seasonal song by Jody Glenham. Furthermore, I discovered that CdP sang a cover of Buddy Holly’s Everyday for a Canadian Activia-ad. Downloadable for free via Facebook, but I’ve made it easier. And finally a gorgeous bonustrack off of the Blonde-album, in which she namechecks Serge and Jane.

Coeur de Pirate – Everyday
Michel Legrand & Coeur de Pirate – Noel blanc
Coeur de Pirate – Prince-Arthur

Carla Bruni

French music giant Michel Legrand made a Christmas-album, with featured guests like Jamie Cullum, Mika and Carla Bruni. It’s released in two versions, one with the best-known international stars (Iggy Pop too), one with more French singers, like Olivia Ruiz and Coeur de Pirate. Shame. The track with Carla Bruni isn’t the stand-out song on the album, yet it will gather the most attention I guess. So here it is. The orchestra sounds great, Carla should refrain from trying to sing – her whisper is good enough. For me, at least. The song by the way is a cover of a seasonal track by Michel Fugain from 1975.

Carla Bruni & Michel Legrand – Jolis sapins

Maryse Letarte

Christmas is nigh (40 days and counting), Christmas-albums and -songs are being released. Really looking forward to Michel Legrand’s seasonal album, featuring guestspots from Olivia Ruiz, Carla Bruni and Coeur de Pirate (preview here). One of the bestest Christmasalbums of recent date was 2008’s Des pas dans la neige by Canadian songstress Maryse Letarte. Only original tracks, very atmospherical, solid songs. Her album is re-released with a French bonus track, a translation of Boom Boom (originally sung in English) (it’s a Christmassong, trust me). Tips about French x-mas tracks are welcomed in the comments. This also gives me the opportunity to say that Christmasmusicblog Christmas-a-gogo has opened! Listen to more Maryse via her Soundcloud-page

Maryse Letarte – Boom Boom

Chansons de noël

99 Presents (but a bitch ain’t one). Great pun title for a Christmas record, English quartet The Bobby McGee’s brought it to life. I’m the first to admit that their cover of Les Poppys ‘Non, non rien n’a changé’ (for that’s what it is) was a bit of a let down. I’d love to hear Jay-Z’s 99 Problems reworked. Maybe next year. Devon Press recorded a cover of Tino Rossi’s Petit Papa Noël for the Christmasagogo-blog. He remixed it, and I decided to put her very charming version of France’s best known seasonal track up on FS.

Bobby McGee’s – 99 Presents (but a bitch ain’t one)
Devon Press – Petit Papa Noël