Best of the Best (part 6): Nevche

Regular guestposter Adrian Arratoon goes back to his fave track of the year, by Nevche. And looks forward!

Vas-tu freiner? by Nevche was my track of the year, from their Retroviseur album. A haunting, nocturnal, poetic track that was utterly beguiling. The bit where the slightly discordant riti, or Senegalese violin, comes for the first time in was probably the moment of the year in French music for me. The rest of the album is pretty much essential listening too.

2015 already looks bright, listen to the first single of a new album (released next year) by Dominique A:


Guestpost by Adrian:

In 2009, when I was doing a web radio show thingy (whaddya mean, you weren’t listening?!?!), I was in touch with Marseilles band Nevchehirlian about their debut album, Monde Nouveau, Monde Ancien. Led by poet and writer Frédéric Nevchehirlian, the record was full of strong sensual driving guitar songs. After that they took an interesting sideways turn with Le Soleil Brille Pour Tout le Monde, which mixed the band’s music with unpublished poems by Jacques Prévert.
Now their latest record, Rétroviseur, is out, under the shortened name Nevche (because pronouncing five syllables is soooo hard, right? *rolls eyes*) and it’s utterly beguiling. It’s a late-night record, full of restraint and elegance, nowhere more so than in this haunting track Vas-tu Freiner? It’s the sort of song that has you playing it repeatedly until you realise the evening’s disappeared. The beautiful video features a mysterious woman, an old Peugeot 504, an owl and a horse. What more could you want?