Aurelie Cabrel, Bertrand Betsch

Yes, Aurelie Cabrel is the 25-year old daughter of Francis Cabrel. One of France’s highly acclaimed singer-songwriters, it’s not easy to follow his footsteps. Then again, lots of sons and daughters of famous French musicians started their own career – Thomas Dutronc, Arthur H(igelin), Charlotte Gainsbourg and M(athieu Chedid) all are very succesful. Aurelie will need a bit more time and experience to get to the level of Thomas and the like. Her voice is pretty, girly and very fragile. Her (rock)songs are very French, they remind me of Mademoiselle K and Jeanne Cherhal. The overall feeling of this album is that she’s talented, but not quite there yet. You have to start somewhere, she can be proud of her first effort. We’ll keep listening to what happens next.

Aurelie Cabrel – Un rien

Bertrand Betsch gave Nathalie Guilmot again a prominent role on his new album. As we remember from La chaleur humaine, Guilmot has a pretty, husky voice that sounds great next to Bretsch’s more gruffy pipes. The new Bretsch-album is pleasant, acoustics mix with electronics, but lacks real bite. Too few songs creep under your skin.

Bertrand Betsch & Nathalie Guilmot – Pour une chance