Mauve Lunel

201501xx Mauve Lunel ArtworkPerhaps better known as a textile and graphic designer, “Le temps m’apaise” is the first track from aspiring singer-songwriter (and currently resident of Nantes) Mauve Lunel’s debut EP, “Décembre”, which is scheduled for release on February 26th.

The EP draws on her experiences of the last few years, split between the cities of Montréal (Mauve cut her musical teeth while a student at Cegeps – the general and vocational colleges of Québec – don’t sniff, artists of the calibre of Isabelle Boulay and Ariane Moffatt got their early breaks here), New Delhi (where the songs for her EP were written) and Paris, “Le temps m’apaise” is a calming acoustic folk-tinged pop song that highlights Mauve’s seductively hypnotic vocals.