Gérard Lenorman & Zaz

Gérard Lenorman is one of the big guns from the seventies, on par with Julien Clerc, Yves Duteil and J-J Goldman. He released his last original album in 2000, after that it was just live-albums and compilations. It was just a matter of time until a duets-album saw the light of day, and now there is one. Featuring youngsters like Joyce Jonathan, Gregoire and Anggun and older artists like Roch Voisine and Maurane. Shame that no one thought of Pépé et sa guitare, who rockified two Lenorman-classics a few years back (here). Instead, we get risk-free, close-to-the-original versions. Not bad (like his duets with Jonathan an Gregoire), sometimes amusing (Si j’étais président is gipsy-fied, interesting choice if you think of the political situation of the Roma in France, shame they needed a cheapo housebeat too), sometimes too cheesy (duets with Shy’m and Anggun). My fave is the one with Zaz. Nothing new here, still as upbeat as the original.

See Gérard and his guests in this teaser-video.

Gérard Lenorman & Zaz – La ballade des gens heureux