New stuff

Lots of new albums and singles are released this week. While we’re waiting on the new Barbara Carlotti-album, we can enjoy the new (7th) cd by bestest French rockband Dionysos, of course featuring the ultra-lovely Babet. She’s duetting with Mathias Malzieu on the track posted here, from an album that’s based on a novel written by Malzieu, about the world’s most unfortunate stuntman. Malzieu also pops up on the second album by Carmen Maria Vega, who traded her manouche-influences for more eclectic ones. CMV refers to The Clash, for instance, but count Les Rita Mitsouko in too. Jack & Jenny’s released their first single – not a boy-girl duo, but two guys who sound very feminine. Diana Léa sure is a girl, she’s a guest on David Parienti’s just-released album that sounds very, very sultry. Finally a track from Soan‘s sophomore cd, with added vocals by Melissmell (who herself released a new EP).

Dionysos – La sirène & le Pygmalion
Carmen Maria Vega & Mathias Malzieu – Miaaou
Jack & Jenny’s – Où tu veux
David Parienti & Diane Lea – Était ce utile?
Soan & Melissmell – A tire d’aile


Playing the piano since the age of 5, worshipping Haendel and Chopin and finally covering The Pixies and 50 Cent: Meet Lise. The young singer/player just released an album (posted a track from her EP earlier) that was recorded in America and features a few English songs. The atmosphere, the emphasis on the piano, her breathy voice and her Franglais makes it easy to compare her to Emilie Simon – Lise takes that as a compliment. Well, we all know what happened to Simon (ahem), and though the English songs sound kooky in a cool way, I wouldn’ recommend Lise to pursue an carreer in English. I mean, take the brilliant duet with Dionysos-singer Mathias Malzieu – that’s imaginative stuff, clever writing and a catchy tune. Go French or go home!

Lise & Mathias Malzieu – La Ballerine St Le Magicien