Mary & Me

When Elke, the singer of Mary & Me (a band from Gent, Belgium), starts singing, you know you’re lost. You want to take care of this fragile beauty, knowing that she’s more than a handful. That she will make you jump off of cliffs (metaphorically speaking)(you hope), steer you off the beaten track and confront you with sides of yourself you’d never knew you had. Mary & Me make vortex music: hooked instantly, and then there’s no turning back. There are 80s references, the golden days of Belgian wave, the Les Disques du Crépuscule-era. Anna Domino, Allez Allez, Marine. Their second album is out now (link), with all songs in English. But to make it more interesting for FS-regulars, there’s a French EP coming out as well. Single We Go Round is out in two versions (English clip, French clip). Of course, we like the French version best. Tourne, tourne, tourne, tourne….

Mary And Me – La Ronde