Where Martine Blooms and Bobbys Sing

In spring 1968, countrypop schmaltzduke Bobby Goldsboro stormed the charts worldwide with the biggest hit of his career: Honey, a brilliant death disc weeper that was even more devastating than his haircut. The song, written by Acuff-Rose songsmith Bobby Russell, had already been recorded two months earlier by former Kingston Trio member Bob Shane – a version that obviously was a bit too down-to-earth for so much camp heaven. The same year, Texan ex-rockabilly semi princess Margaret Lewis even did an answer song, told from the perspective of the deceased spouse – #33 in the Cash Box country charts then –, and Quebecoise singer Martine Deno cashed in with a French language version about her long gone daddy … a remarkably sexy epitaph, and surely a record to die for.

Bob Shane – Honey

Bobby Goldsboro – Honey

Margaret Lewis – Honey (I Miss You Too)

Martine Deno – Mon Papa

Extra: The German version of Honey, provided by FS éminence grise Roy Black. Never before available on the net. Quelle horreur.

Gerhard Wendland – Honey