Marie Warnant

Namur-born beauty Marie Warnant gets help on her second album from none other than Vincent Liben and Benjamin Biolay. The latter wrote La Valse for her, and plays guitar on the track. Liben (who, as we all know, is the singer of Mud Flow AND the genius behind Tout va disparaitre) wrote several tracks together with Marie for Ritournelle, and plays on almost every song. Marie has a pleasant husky voice, though not very remarkable. The acoustic (guitar, piano, drums, some strings) music harms no one. Too few songs really stand out, like the uptempo Vernis Rouge with it’s children’s choir. Biolay’s track has nice details and obviously great melancholic lyrics. Still, I’d love to hear Coralie, or Elodie Frégé sing this track.

Marie Warnant – Vernis rouge
Marie Warnant – La valse