Stephanie Lapointe

Canadian hottie Stephanie Lapointe revisiting Eileen’s French version of These Boots are Made for Walking. You watch the video. You check the mp3, for sale in the Canadian iTunes store. You listen close: the mp3 sounds flat. As badly mastered as the sound in the Youtube-video (the song was done for Canadian tv-show Les Rescapés). There are words for this: Odd. Cheap. Shameful.  Rip-off. All of those word apply. But seeing Steph in a short dress and cowboyboots… so nice. So we’ll let is pass. This time.
Our Canadian correspondent Ralph send great links to other Canadian singers doing Ces bottes. See Dominique Michel, Marie-Mai and Gabrielle Destroismaisons.

Stephanie Lapointe – Ces bottes sont faites pour marcher