David again, guestposting about his recent discovery Catleya:

It’s hard to find out much about Catleya, a French quartet self-described as “folk rock” but that sails closer to rock than folk. Like Mademoiselle K, lean and sexy, singer Syrile has a strong, low voice, and plays the guitar with a driving rock beat. Cataleya formed in 2002, put out an album in 2007 (“Rien ne Press”, Sony/BMB, video of title track here), and followed with a second album in early 2010, “Cataleya II”, which they independently produced. (A video of “Les Jardins de Kyoto” from “Cataleya II” is here) There’s also “Bang, Bang”, an EP mostly in English, but with one chanson francaise worth a listen, “Mes Salines”. My favorite track of Catleya’s, having played them the better part of this past weekend, is “A folle allure”. Okay, maybe “Tête brûlée”. It’s not an easy choice though – both of their albums are strong efforts, which I found worth giving a listen straight through from beginning to end.

Catleya – A folle allure