C’est Magnifique

The Guuzmeister already posted Jessica Paré’s version of Zou Bisou Bisou, as performed in AMC’s Mad Men, a couple of weeks ago. But there’s more: In season 3’s episode My Old Kentucky Home Christina Hendricks unpacks the accordion and shines with an all- too-short version of C’est Magnifique — actually not written by a Frenchman, but by quite unmatched American tunesmith Cole Porter for the 1953 Broadway super hit Can-Can.

Mad Men and Gillian Hills

A sultry version of a Gillian Hills-tune in the first episode of the new Mad Men-season! It’s all over the internet (thanks Taylor for the update!), haven’t been able to find a video yet, ’cause I’d love to see Jessica Paré shimmy to the chanson. I just found that video, see above. Not the first time Mad Men refers to a French tune – in the second season a coffee-commercial based on Gainsbourg’s Couleur Café was used (listen here).

If you compare Parés version with the one by Hills (or Sophia Loren), the Europeans win by a landslide when it comes to sultryness, by the way. Still, a nice touch. Jessica’s version is available on vinyl, by the way.

Jessica Paré – Zou bisou bisou
Gillian Hills – Zou bisou bisou