Claudine Muno

Writer/singer Claudine Muno is by far our favourite artist from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg – partly because she’s the only artist from the little country between Belgium and Germany that we know of. But Claudine and her band sure are something. Noctambul (Romanian for sleepwalking, apparently) is CM&tLB’s second album and again with songs in French, English and one in Luxembourgish, a funny, part Dutch part French part German language. Claudine is a Beatles-fan, on this album she sings Blackbird, and in the nifty Egoiste Triste we get a quote from Here Comes the Sun. I love Claudine’s fragile, shy singing. She has a great imagination, pretty sexy at times but also quite dark when she sings about carcrashes and families ripped apart. See the video for single Betty here.

Claudine Muno & Luna Boots – Egoïste Triste

Claudine Muno & Luna Boots – Blummen