So many filles (2)

Another quick update, with Beatrice, Rachel and the long lost Lizzy Ling. The latter finally has a new album out, on which she works her Asian magic. Odd songs, with sensual qualities. Really really dig this track:

Lizzy Ling – la fille d’ombre

After a few English collaborations (this one, and this one), Beatrice/CdP reappears with a featured spot on a Omnikrom track. They think a little differently about ‘having a flow’ in Canada, I presume. But CdP’s guestvocals work really well. See the video HERE.

Omnikrom ft. Coeur de Pirate – Dans tes rêves

Rachel Des Bois’ (pictured) third album is out. Had not heard from her before, but thanks to this blog’s main pusher FransS she came on my radar. She might be a tad to rockish for most, but this is a very fine song:

Rachel Des Bois – Mon amour, je rentre