Le Pop 8

4018939273323_600Hurrah! The new (eight) volume of über-cool French pop compilation Le Pop is out. ‘Le Pop is not so much about France as such, but about great music with lyrics which just happen to be in French, music by artists that can also, of course, come from Canada, Belgium, even England’, Le Pop-compilers Rolf and Oliver write in their introduction, explaining why there are no baguettes, Eiffel Towers or basque caps on the cover. ‘The secret of the chanson is how it uses the sound and rhythm of a language to offer up very special melodies’, they continue. And that’s certainly well executed on this volume.
It features chansons by FS-faves like Maissiat, Fredda, Benjamin Schoos featuring Laetitia Sadier and a brandspanking new track by Sammy Decoster (yay!).
A real discovery is Parisian singer Anna Jean, who records with Juniore. They sound like early Stereolab, which is never a bad thing to me. Le Pop 8 chose ‘Christine’, but I think Dans le noir is better song. Alas, that’s not on Bandcamp (but is on Spotify):

See the new video for Juniore’s La fin du monde HERE.

Also new to me is Liz de Lux. You might know her from an earlier Le Pop compilation, when one of her songs was covered by Olive & Moi. I really dig the Nancy Sinatra-influence on this new track. And have you spotted which iconic album cover they channel?

More on Le Pop 8 HERE.
Oh, and did you know that Le Pop branched out to selling lingerie?! Oh la la! HERE