Playing the piano since the age of 5, worshipping Haendel and Chopin and finally covering The Pixies and 50 Cent: Meet Lise. The young singer/player just released an album (posted a track from her EP earlier) that was recorded in America and features a few English songs. The atmosphere, the emphasis on the piano, her breathy voice and her Franglais makes it easy to compare her to Emilie Simon – Lise takes that as a compliment. Well, we all know what happened to Simon (ahem), and though the English songs sound kooky in a cool way, I wouldn’ recommend Lise to pursue an carreer in English. I mean, take the brilliant duet with Dionysos-singer Mathias Malzieu – that’s imaginative stuff, clever writing and a catchy tune. Go French or go home!

Lise & Mathias Malzieu – La Ballerine St Le Magicien

Lise, Nach

I think Cole Porter said it best, when he wrote: ‘I love Paris every moment, Every moment of the year, I love Paris, why oh why do I love Paris? Because my love is here’. Many, many songs were written about Paris, and two upcoming filles added their own: Lise and Nach. Sidenote: what is it with these young artists choosing hard to trace, or confusing monikers? Is this the influence of witch house? It took me some time to figure out that this Nach (see a video of her here) isn’t this Nach. And Lise? It’s this girl, pictured on the left. Both released EP’s, Nach’s has slightly more songs. I think I like Lise’s Paris-ode best, because of the Camille-like vocals, not because of that English part. Her cover of 50 Cent’s P.I.M.P. is quite funny. Once. Maybe twice. But that video of her Paris song makes me want to jump behind the wheel and race down south. To be near, my love.

Lise – Paris
Nach – Ce soir, Paris