Les Chanteuses

Two supermodels banging their pretty little heads to a pedal-to-the-metal-song: that’s Secoue ta tete by Les Chanteuses (Victoria Olloqui and Priscilla De LaForcade). The song (that sounds a lot like the hit Les Plastiscines never wrote) was out on Youtube in October 2009, but now radiostations are picking up on it (Les Chanteuses also did a very funny Christmas-song last year, see here). That’s how I got to hear about it. They’ve recorded a new video, you can see a Making Of here. This looks like a commercial for hair products. If you know that Frederic Beigbeder is the boyfriend of Priscilla (and also present in the first video) you might get the impression that Les Chanteuses are more of a concept (viral?) than a real singing duo. Still, Radio Neo tells us about bands from Quebec who are involved too. Nice gimmick, you can record your own video for Secoue ta tete, while banging your head obviously, and that gets uploaded on the girls’ website.

Les Chanteuses – Secoue ta tete