Les Bellas

Things are getting fuzzy here on FS. Fuzz-guitars, that is. Les Bellas hail from Perpignan, they released their debut last September. They have an interesting line-up: a female drummer (Marie), a female singer (Nadege, who also plays the trumpet) and Lionel (Marie’s brother) and Giom on the guitars. On their debut, they play two covers (by Wanda Jackson, and Gentlemen) but mostly sweet, buzzing songs of their own. Er, make that the past-tense, by the way. because Les Bellas aren’t around any more. They disintegrated when a record deal fell through, or something. Read about that here.
Shame, ’cause a song like Belladelic is great. Then again, members of Les Bellas now form The Liminanas, who released their debut in October. And they’re still around. And sing more songs in French. So there.

Les Bellas – Belladelic
The Liminanas – Je suis une gogo girl