Quirky French singer Anaïs new single is a cover (see original version here), the first track from a new covers album. Though we love covers at FS, we’re also sceptical. The reason you didn’t find a post about the new Olivia Ruiz-EP is that her swing covers are average, not to say below average. And Olivia in English…I don’t know. On her upcoming album A l’eau de javel, Anaïs sings tracks by Edith Piaf, Rina Ketty and other 40s singers, whom she prefers over, say, Madonna and Mylene Farmer (good choice). I also heard a version of Tina Turner’s Private Dancer by Anaïs, but I sure hope that’s not on the album for it’s baaaaad. But this new single is very, very promising. And danceable.

Anais – Je n’embrasse pas les garçons