Dawn Landes

A Kentucky-girl with a husky voice who fell in love with France, who learned to speak French by listening to French music and finally released a French EP. Dawn Landes‘ story in a nutshell. The countryfied singer, who released two albums on France-based label Fargo, got help from (among others) Karen Lohier of Katel, Tunde from TV On The Radio and Matthew C. from Nada Surf. With the latter, she sings a pretty duet. The EP closes with a Georges Brassens cover, and features touches of doo-wop, country, jazz and Françoise Hardy-style weepers. Not all songs are great (not a big fan of La Vie Au Lasso), but that duet is just lovely. The EP comes with a book of illustrations by Dawn.

Dawn Landes & Matthew Caws – L’ingénue

Katel, Jeanne, Catherine, Gilles

So much new music fell on my doormat and in my digital mailbox, I really have to catch-up. Never heard of Katel until FransS send me her second album. She’s a tad goth (which I like) and gets help on her album from Jeanne Cherhal and Nosfell. Which means she likes to rock out, writes smart lyrics and isn’t afraid of a bit of experimenting. The duet with Jeanne reminds me of early Mylene Farmer, and I mean that in a nice way. If  you, like me, love to hear husky French girls sing like they’re being chased by bats out of hell, try Katel.

Gilles Vigneault is a living legend in Quebec, a chansonnier, poet and writer with a big heart for Quebec and music. Recently a duet-album was released, generally speaking never a highlight in ones carreer. The 82-year old Vigneautl gets help from Charles Aznavour (a really touching duet, both old guns are rusty yet they seem to have fun singing), Guy Béart, hiphop-funnymen Loco Locice (godawful) and the gorgeous Catherine Major. Of course, that duet is here.

Katel & Jeanne Cherhal – Chez Escher

Gilles Vigneault & Catherine Major – La danse a Saint-Dilon (see original version here)