Camille covers Johnny Hallyday

Out of the blue, French vocal-wonder Camille covers a Johnny Hallyday-classic. On her site, she writes: “Que j’aime chanter Que je t’aime ! Bijou érotique. Eclipse de soleil. Où se mêlent l’ombre et la lumière, le Yin et le Yang, la puissance et l’infinie délicatesse, Johnny Hallyday et son contraire.” It’s in the style of Camille’s most recent album, Ilo Veyou. So less bombastic then the original. I thought the song was covered more, but a part from a Dutch duo (cough) and a few lesser known French names, I didn’t find a lot. Camille did a great job, her version is sure a lot more erotic then Hallyday’s. Unless, a long haired, sweaty old guy is your fave fetish, of course.

Camille – Que je t’aime
Johnny Hallyday – Que je t’aime

Covers Deluxe: Hush

This is not a Ritchie Blackmore tune. Hush was written by Joe South for Billy Joe Royal in 1967, and only the following year Deep Purple recorded the song that became quite a huge hit in the US. Gallic cover king Johnny Hallyday recorded a quite lame French version a few months later, while Montréal-based yé-yé chanteuse Jenny Rock transformed the harmless psych/ bluespop song with the pushy organ into a sexy rollercoaster ride, fast, breathless, and highly energetic – a nice example that some songs simply work better with female vocals. No surprise that Jenny, born Jeannine de Bellefeuille, had opened for the Rolling Stones in Montréal on 4/23/65. If legend is true, Keith threw Mick a pitiful look before telling him: „Dude, eat your heart out.“

Billy Joe Royal – Hush
Deep Purple – Hush

Johnny Hallyday – Mal
Jenny Rock – Mal

Extra: Beginning with bébé pop tunes like Fume ta cigarette in 1963, Jenny Rock later did dozens of French language adaptations of US hits, among them the rousing Seul (cover of The Shirelles’ Boys) with an almost Janis Joplin-like performance at the song’s end and the cute Au Go Go (cover of Cool Jerk by The Capitols).

Jenny Rock – Fume ta cigarette
Jenny Rock – Seul
Jenny Rock – Au Go Go