Liza Manili

VERY charming, that clip of former model, actress and singer Liza Manili. That smile, that hairstyle, those lips, that voice – oh la la. But somehow I didn’t keep up with the news. Liza made very good EP, released more charming videos, and on June 4th her first proper album is released. The Strasbourg-born beauty, who also plays in a couple Revolver-clips and a Kyo-video, channels early Lio, via Jeanne Cherhal and Emily Loizeau. She duetted with Séverin, and was one of the singers on the Dr Tom project. Yearlist material, you people ask? Who knows. Looks good, tho.

Liza Manili – L’eclipse
Liza Manili & Séverin – Les restes
Liza Manili – Le verdict

Jeanne Cherhal vs Arcade Fire

French fille Jeanne Cherhal leaves out the church organ of the original, but adds some haunting vocals to her version of Arcade Fire‘s My Body is a Cage (from their Neon Bible album). Translated to French, the song softens up. When you hear Win Butler from AF sing it, you immediatly know it’ll end in tears. This is never going to light up. But with the shift in tempo in Jeanne Cherhal’s cover, somehow there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Because I’m not that familiair with Arcade Fire, I missed this cover completely. So thanks to this blog for reminding me. See the video for Mon corps… here.

Jeanne Cherhal – Mon corps est une cage
Arcade Fire – My body is a cage

Katel, Jeanne, Catherine, Gilles

So much new music fell on my doormat and in my digital mailbox, I really have to catch-up. Never heard of Katel until FransS send me her second album. She’s a tad goth (which I like) and gets help on her album from Jeanne Cherhal and Nosfell. Which means she likes to rock out, writes smart lyrics and isn’t afraid of a bit of experimenting. The duet with Jeanne reminds me of early Mylene Farmer, and I mean that in a nice way. If  you, like me, love to hear husky French girls sing like they’re being chased by bats out of hell, try Katel.

Gilles Vigneault is a living legend in Quebec, a chansonnier, poet and writer with a big heart for Quebec and music. Recently a duet-album was released, generally speaking never a highlight in ones carreer. The 82-year old Vigneautl gets help from Charles Aznavour (a really touching duet, both old guns are rusty yet they seem to have fun singing), Guy Béart, hiphop-funnymen Loco Locice (godawful) and the gorgeous Catherine Major. Of course, that duet is here.

Katel & Jeanne Cherhal – Chez Escher

Gilles Vigneault & Catherine Major – La danse a Saint-Dilon (see original version here)