10 Sexiest Women in French Music Today (10)

This blog is all about appreciation. Of husky voices. Of fabulous chansons. Of beautiful filles. Every opportunity to exposte our love, our admiration, dare I say obsession with these girls, we’ll take. So when Nerve.com published a list of 10 Sexiest Women in Indie Rock, we (that’s Sky, Franss, Marc and me plus FS-readers Sami and Steve for extra input) thought, hey, we could easily make up a French list to counter that. Ok, well, ‘easily’ is a bit of an understatement. We fought. We bitched. We threatened. But here it is. The list. 10 Sexiest Women in French Music Today. You will agree. Or you won’t. But you’ll appreciate it, nonetheless. We’re sure.
In the next days, we’ll countdown to number one.

10. Juliette Wathieu/Mademoiselle Nineteen

If Bacharach and David had been French they’d have written songs for Mademoiselle Nineteen. With Jacques Duvall as her Gainsbourgish mentor there’s more than a hint of Francoise Hardy and France Gall mixed with a steely dash of 21st Century realism. Juliette may walk on rose petals, but you can bet that the footprints belong to Doc Martins.

Mademoiselle Nineteen – Juillet Brillait

Mademoiselle Nineteen

I can almost hear you frown: this FransS guy falls in love too easily. Two weeks ago I declared my love to Soko, and now to yet another darling. My love for Mademoiselle Nineteen’s album. We already spotted Juliette Wathieu (as her real name is) some time ago, and recently saw her sweet video of  “Quelle Importance“, and her first album “Mademoiselle Nineteen” (highly original) is just out.
The album has the atmosphere we like: great voice, to-the-point-songs, lot of sixties references but it certainly doesn’t sound like a retro copycat. Maybe it is better to state that this is how France Gall would’ve sounded if she wasn’t born in ’47 but in ’91, as Mademoiselle Nineteen is.
Some songs have a 70s vibe, like “Je danse dans le noir” (although it includes a wonderful sixties organ).
And of course if you sang backing vocals for Lio, you always get extra points from the FS headquarters!

Mademoiselle Nineteen – Je danse dans le noir

Coralie Clément

This Friday just got a shot in the arm, FS-friends. Feast your ears on this, a duet between songwriting genius Jacques Duvall and the guardian angel of this blog, Coralie Clément. Listen (and/or download) HERE.

Hey Nineteen

Gorgeous Juliette Wathieu is Mademoiselle Nineteen, the newest member of the Freaksville Records family to help make the world a little more poptastic. But wait a minute, you say, the art lover that you are, didn’t artist Charlotte Beaudry do a project called Mademoiselle Nineteen? Not only that, Julliette posed for Beaudry. See the very nice portraits here.
On this blog you can read all about Juliette, that she’s the brother of The Mash-singer Marc, that she’s on Youtube doing a Feist-cover, that genius songwriter Jacques Duvall wrote her first single together with Freaksville-head honcho Benjamin Schoos (aka Miam Monster Miam)… which of course means that a comparison to Lio isn’t that far off. In fact, Je ne vois que vous is on par with any of the best Lio singles out there. Just saying.

Mademoiselle Nineteen – Je ne vois que vous