Under the Radar 4: Lucy Dixon & Le Professeur Inlassable

Released in March last year, this smokey collab between English dancer and actress Lucy Dixon and dj/’sound sorcerer’ Le Professeur Inlassable’. One of the tracks on the album One Too is called ‘Nobody Smokes Anymore’, which is a hint to the existential jazzy atmosphere from the good od days that le professeur creates, and Lucy’s husky vocals, a clear reference to classy singers like Julie London. But a newer cut-n-paste band like Belle Ruche also springs to mind. There are two French tracks on the album, I heard 15 Centimes first on the matchless radio station FIP. I know she’s singing about money in her pocket, but a dirty mind like mine hears ‘centimeters’ instead of ‘centimes’. A joy forever, you said it.

Lucy Dixon & Le Professeur Inlassable – 15 centimes