tumblr_n5scs8YFbk1tvxtwyo1_1280Let’s be honest. Sex, that’s what was missing in music posted here. So merci Holybrune (= Laura Chaudet) for uploading the free downloadable EP ‘TRIP’; four tracks that feel like bodies writhing, chocolate dripping and windows steamed. She’s influeced by Japanese comics, rapper Nas and disco queen Donna Summer, Holybrune is all silk ‘n lace. Or, as this posting on the Les Inrocks site would have it, ” Sainte vierge, femme rêveuse, figure romantique, créature provocante, maman et putain réunie dans un seul corps”. 4×4 beats, sultry voice, crispy hi-hats and phat basslines – it’s nouveau disceau for your boudoir, baby.