Heidelinde Weis

You can just as easily make a sexy record in German as you can in French. We’ve proved that before, now let’s prove it again. I recently stumbled upon the first album of Austrian-born actress Heidelinde Weis, released in the 70s. From a biography: “The music world was quite amazed when in 1975 the first album from Heidelinde Weis was placed on the market. Extremely laid back, jazzy bossa nova took turns with slick 70s funk, and above it sizzling, lascivious vocals with often blatant erotic lyrics. This album wasn’t just a major commercial success, but also immediately received the German award from the Phonoakademie.” Weis appeared in several German ‘krimi’s’, like Derrick and Der Alte. With the description above in mind, you’d really wanna see this clip (skip to 00,25 sec). A selection of her albums was put together for this cd, I bought the 1975 debut on vinyl. That one features the song posted here.

Heidelinde Weis – Ich will dich