Hannah Schneider

Gainsbourgs Black Trombone is one of his best songs, but the jazzy song was seldomnly covered. Only a handful reprises, now we can add this sensual version by Danish jazzy singer Hannah Schneider. Her bio tells us she worked with several well-known writers, and that this song was featured in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Hannah has a pleasant voice and likes to colour her songs with 80’s styled electronica and jazzguitar. Shanghai, who provided the music on this track, is a Danish duo.

By the way, if you’re from Norway, Sweden, Finland or Denmark and want to keep me posted on the filles-front in Scandinavia, please do! Chisu, PMMP, Veronica Maggio, Annika Aakjaer, Säkert!, I love ‘m all! Here’s a Scandinavian singer-playlist I made on Spotify.

Hannah Schneider – Black Trombone