Nkake, Air

Sandra Nkake, the dark, Cameroon-born beauty with her deep voice, was featured before on this blog when she sang a terrific Georges Brassens cover on her first album. Alas, no French songs on her new one, but Nkake (who lives in Paris) did at some French touches to her songs. Listen to reggae-fied Rock You Well. You know that sample, don’t you? It’s from the Modulor Mix off of Air’s first EP, Premiers Symptomes (also a Serge Gainsbourg-track, the Air-guys are big SG-fans). That Air-song also had a sample, from Gil Scott-Heron’s We Almost Lost Detroit.
See Sandra Nkake’s new single here.

Sandra Nkake – Rock You Well
Air – Modulor Mix
Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson – We Almost Lost Detroit