Allez la France

If you’re a football fan (no, it’s not soccer, it’s football), you probably witnessed the demise of the French national team. La fille du voison (the neighbour’s daughter) recorded several parodies, based on Stromae’s summer smash Alors on dance. The latest, Alors on perd (translates something like okay, so we lost) you can see above. This is the first one. This is Stromae’s original.

IN OTHER NEWS, I recorded several podcasts for Dutch internet-only station KX Radio. My show’s called Ongehoord Goed (Unheard Brilliance) and focusses on non-English pop- and rocksongs, from France, Spain, Brazil, Cambodia, Japan, Finland, etc. You can download the first two from here, and here. Yes, it is presented in Dutch, but the music’s universal, right? More to follow!