The Spinshots

Now there’s a smoking albumcover, innit? It gets hotter when you unfold it – there’s singer Flora Dolores with all her best diva-features in full display (yet clothed). The Spinshots, you know this band from Amsterdam. They’re regular guests on this blog ever since they decided to record one of their tracks in French (this one). They contributed to Gainsnord (this track). And now they’re releasing their debut album. On vinyl, of course. They play ‘neo-exotica’, they draw from everything between Bollywood showtunes to Ethio-jazz to French yeye. This Saturday, they’re hosting a big releaseparty here. Unable to join the fun? Keep watching their website for all the news.

5 Years of Filles: Mr. A Balladeer & Mme. Flora Dolores

Five years ago, I started blogging about sweet sighing French chanteuses. What I’ve learned so far is that you can go to jail for that. That Google can delete your blog because you post mp3s of artists very few people have heard of. That almost all of those chanteuses are drop dead gorgeous, and if you meet them, they want you to kiss them. On the cheek. Several times. I’ve learned that fans of sweet sighing chanteuses live all over the world. Those fans send nice, appreciative emails. They help you build your blog. They send you fantastic music. They visit your dj-gigs with their mistresses. I’ve learned that blogging about French music costs money. That you forget about that the second Coralie, Carla, Camille or any of the girls opens her mouth. I’ve learned that there are labels and artists out there who love and understand blogs and bloggers.
And I have learned that if you ask nicely, artists are prepared to fulfill your wildest fantasy. They write and record Christmas-songs for you. Or, in the case of Mr A Balladeer and the ultra-charming Mme Flora Dolores, they will record a gorgeous duet, especially for you. And all the readers of your blog.
Joyeux anniversaire!

Mr. A Balladeer & Mme. Flora Dolores – 10 Things to Win You Over (10 façons de te rabaisser)

Credits: recorded and mixed by Arno Dreef. French translation by Natasha Cloutier and Marianne Dissard. Listen to the original version here. Cover made by Wilbert Leering.