Hanin Elias

Yes, Hanin Elias on Filles Sourires. She wrote her first French song, which I liked, and I asked her if I could put the demo (for the song is not finished yet) on my blog. It’s that simple. I remember Hanin Elias from a storming show with Atari Teenage Riot on a Dutch festival – she was a member of Alec Empire’s revolutionary punkgabba-outfit for several years. Never heard of ATR or the Digital  Hardcore family? Crank up your volume and see this, or this. That’s something else, right? Hanin still makes noise, but lives on Tahiti now so singing in French (and singing more fragile) isn’t that odd – but where are the ukelele’s, Hanin? She might turn into a slightly more agressive counterpart of Mareva Galanter, who knows? Listen to more Hanin here. See her on Facebook and Myspace. Labels can contact her manager via chromo-music(a)wanadoo.fr.

Hanin Elias – Je suis à toi

Cecile Hercule

La tête à l’envers by Cecile Hercule could end up as my Album of the Year, come December. It has everything a Filles Sourires-fave should have: husky vocals, gentle music with an edge and a gorgeous girl with an attitude. Discovered Cecile back in 2007 when she singing backup with Tétard (and when she was still answering my emails, ah, the good old days). Last year we heard her on Mickey 3D’s grand album, now he lends a hand on her first solo offering. This duet is sooo sexy, it should come with a parental guidance warning. See Cecile live here, watch her sing a Gainsbourg tune here.

Cecile Hercule & Mickey – La Chance