2011: A New Hope

While we are waiting for the new Daphné-album, the new Keren Ann cd, the new Marina Celeste album, the official release of Marianne Dissard’s album (that you can buy straight from the source as well) probably new music by Coeur de Pirate and hopefully new stuff by Valerie Leulliot, Rose, Carmen Maria Vega, Carine Erseng and Camille, we’re entering the new year with some new names. Minimal is a Vive La Fête-styled duo that make electropop like a four-year-old makes a drawing: messy but fun. They do two covers, of AC/DC and Pizzicatto Five, but I’m posting their bubbly Surmoi. Download their album for free HERE.
Emilie Proulx we know, the Quebecoise singer-songwriter likes to take it s-l-o-w. Dream folk, she likes to call her music, I’d throw in fellow countrymen Cowboy Junkies as a reference. Together with Genevieve Toupin she made a live EP that’s up for grabs for HERE, just name your price. I really dig the sultry closing track. Attention: the downloadlink could end up in your junkmail box.
Music-wise, Julien H. Andreani is a bit too poppy for me. But you might want to give his tracks a try, you can download some for free. HERE.
Not free, but noteworthy nonetheless is the debut-album by Margaux Simone. She’s an artist on the crowdfunding My Major Company (also home of Gregoire, Joyce Jonathan and Marie-Amélie). Margaux is from Marseile, her dad worked with rapper IAM and fellow wordsmith Akhénathon is a friend, which explains his role on the album. Sheryl Crow, Zazie and La Grande Sophie are mentioned as references, I’d say she’s a more folky Emma Daumas. Pleasant voice, talented, but her album misses one or two killer tracks. Still, one to watch.

Margaux Simone photo by Bernard Benant, take from here.

Emilie Proulx – Si tu penses à moi
Minimal – Surmoi
Margaux Simone – Nana