Remember when you first heard Coeur de Pirate, maybe on this blog? Like me, you were probably blown away. That voice, that song, those tattoos. Ever since you, like me, tried to relive that experience. Find another fragile, French-singing girl with superbe songs to refresh you in places you’d never imagine could be refresh. Montreal-based singer Melanie Scala, aka Porcelaine, has the ability. Her 5 track EP is not as brilliant as CdP’s album, some songs need more character, but boyohboy what a gorgeous track is Mirage. Reminds me of Elsa (this one), of a young Vanessa Paradis, love the bassline and the fx. Melanie says she’s inspired by Air, Rufus Wainwright and Charlotte Gainsbourg – I could swear it’s Charlotte looking desperately from the album-cover. She worked with guys who also played with Stephanie Lapointe and Ariane Moffatt – always a good sign. Looking forward to a full album.

Porcelaine – Mirage