New stuff

Lots of new albums and singles are released this week. While we’re waiting on the new Barbara Carlotti-album, we can enjoy the new (7th) cd by bestest French rockband Dionysos, of course featuring the ultra-lovely Babet. She’s duetting with Mathias Malzieu on the track posted here, from an album that’s based on a novel written by Malzieu, about the world’s most unfortunate stuntman. Malzieu also pops up on the second album by Carmen Maria Vega, who traded her manouche-influences for more eclectic ones. CMV refers to The Clash, for instance, but count Les Rita Mitsouko in too. Jack & Jenny’s released their first single – not a boy-girl duo, but two guys who sound very feminine. Diana Léa sure is a girl, she’s a guest on David Parienti’s just-released album that sounds very, very sultry. Finally a track from Soan‘s sophomore cd, with added vocals by Melissmell (who herself released a new EP).

Dionysos – La sirène & le Pygmalion
Carmen Maria Vega & Mathias Malzieu – Miaaou
Jack & Jenny’s – Où tu veux
David Parienti & Diane Lea – Était ce utile?
Soan & Melissmell – A tire d’aile


Babet Maistre, aka Babou Calou, made on of this summer’s prettiest songs. Now, when Fall is on it’s way, her second solo-album is released. It feels like the summer’s heat is still in the grooves of the album – pretty, upbeat songs with folky influences, subtle violin (of course, Babet plays the strings in Dionysos) and a few male collaboraters. Edouard Baer, Andy Maistre, Mathias Malzieu and everyone’s favourite gravel-throat, Arthur H(igelin). Love their duets. Piano Monstre is a great album that has you longing for an indian summer. Talking about great albums, summer is definitely over in France, outstanding albums are being released. Elodie Frégé’s (more on her later), Bertrand Belin, Marie-Amélie… Hope I’ll find the time to keep you updated on all the goodies.

Babet & Arthur H – Ciel de soie